Victory Cannon Campaign Progess to date. 

Campaign starts June 7th, 2014.

The Victory Cannon Campaign Needs Your Help!

Did you know that both the guns in front of the museum were captured at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the battle that "forged the nation"?

Did you know that Albert County had the highest level of volunteers per capita in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) in all of Canada?

Did you know that the large 10cm gun was won by the people of Albert County in the Victory Loans Campaign of 1919 for reaching the highest percentage over their goal for monies raised?  

Did you know that the German 77mm field gun was probably captured by the New Brunswick Regiment, the famous "Fighting 26th" at Vimy Ridge? 

The Victory Cannon Campaign was set up to restore the war trophies from the Great War to their as captured condition. The goal is to restore and repaint each cannon to their original battlefield condition and camouflage colours. In the century that the cannons have rested in the square in Hopewell Cape the elements have not been kind, it's our goal to preserve these trophies of war for future generations. 

The Goals: 

New Wheels - Built from the ground up in Nova Scotia by experienced, professional  Wheelwright. 

Refurbishment of Steel - replacing and fixing rusted sections, sand blasting, welding, etc. to stop further deterioration. 

New Paint - in the original camouflage, as captured condition. 

Cement Pad Refurbishment - bringing the cement pads the cannons rest on up to modern safety standards, fixing cracks and gaps to last another 100 years. 

A New Interpretive Display. 

Estimated Total Costs $15000.00


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